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Solved: Change language in UI InDesign CS6 (Creative Cloud – Adobe Support Community – – Add a Hunspell dictionary

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I read elswhere on the forum, that you have to change your language settings on the CC account and then “magically” there appears “download the Japanese. Changing the language of InDesign’s menus, dialog boxes, and panels has been important for thousands of users around the world for years. Change Language Adobe Audition Cs6 Mac Free – Change language Download this tool and work efficiently with the audio of your computer.


Adobe indesign cs6 language change free download


Add a Hunspell dictionary. Change the filename extension to zip. For example, rename xyz. InDesign version Platform Location of Info. Restart InDesign. Remove a Hunspell dictionary. Relaunch InDesign. Use that same name in the Presets locations above! My foreign language experience is limited to high school Spanish and the ability to order a beer in Germany and Japan. So I cannot pass judgement on how good these translations are.

One person I talked with also pointed out that changing your version of InDesign may break the terms of your license agreement with Adobe. Quark Passport used to have a menu item right in the program that let you do this.

Very convenient! If you decide you want to use it, you can download it from here. Here is an updated version that should work! This may actually be an improvement. It worked fine. And when I tried to use the script again after restoring to the original language, which is a nice option , Polish was on the list, waiting for me;-.

Did similar tricks, as described above to copy my International English presets to new locale and everything worked fine. I also found that the script changes one plist file, and throws it to trash when you restore the settings. It registered and activated fine. Values are numerical. Copy, paste and rename it to the language you set InDesign v. Are you sure that the value 11 hexa really corresponds to US English?

Thanks, Marc. As long as I konw, this procedure is not documented by Adobe. So, does anybody know if Adobe consider it legal?

Mohammed: As I mentioned at the end of the post, it does not support Arabic. For more information on right-to-left composition hebrew, arabic, etc. I changed the language of my indesign but now I have a question, how can I go back to the original language? Thank you so much for your advice, your site help me a lot.

I am working in an office in Japan and you can imagine working Indesign with UI in japanese is quite complicated. I ll subscribe here, and will be waiting for more of your useful post. The link referenced in this article is not working.

At least I am unable to download the tool. Maybe its expired? Weird… well, I have the version I had downloaded last fall. I uploaded that and updated the links in the blog post above. Let me know if that works for you. I actually used it to convert back to english because in my native language the functions are horribly translated even in the official version. Consequently, the Arabic, Hebrew and Greek version Middle Eastern version has the entire application different from what the standard version has.

Just to add on, the Windows version does NOT contain all the UI in one collection Except with the one the user had installed , and it means that either somebody releases the languages file only and use the tip above Changing registry key OR a reinstall in order just to change the UI language. Hi — I am working in a Japanese CS4 and have the same problem as someone above working in a Japanese office.

The app does change the menu to English — but, all shortcuts stopped working, unfortunately! So I think I need to go back to Japanese… Thanks anyway. Although this worked fine on my old macbook pro, on my new one i5 AT: is your macbook running Leopard or Sno Lep? As the above relates to older CS versions. Can anyone pleaseplease tell me how to change the language of any or all CS5 programs to English??? Via registry Windows 7 Pro or otherwise?

I am grateful. I have tried quitting and reopening and there is no option to revert. Eli: That sounds very strange. When you run the script again, it should ask if you want to change it back to French. Do you only have CS on your computer? Are you on mac or windows? I encountered a minor problem with the online help that, after changing the registry key, does not open.

Hi, I used the plug in and it worked, although all my shortcuts arent working anymore…any ideas how to solve this problem? I believe one of your commercials caused my web browser to resize, you probably want to put that in your blacklist. I tried running the free app but said I can not open the application because PowerPC applications are no longer supported. I have Indesign CS5 in German, which is a nightmare, and would like to shane it to spanish or, at least, to English.

Any help? How to make a donation to contribute to the development of release for Mac This application is incredibly useful! I live in Japan and self-publish bilingual materials. Today I changed the menus, workspaces, and keyboard shortcuts to English just as explained, and all seems to be working as promised.

Hopefully I will not run into any problems. So far it looks like this will be a great timesaver! I have just received an updated version of this script that should work for people using Lion. See the link at the end of the article, above. Spanish thanks to you. I wanted to receive my thanks for this I used the google translator! Great contribution brother! I hope you understand!

Would there be any chance to make it work? When i try to open the unzipped file a message pops up saying that maybe the files is damaged and i should send it to the trashcan…. Any chance of another update? Then you can turn GateKeeper back on. I had the same problem. Thank you very much :.

Thanks for the advice on this. Outside of the document and within the menus, the numbers are normal. I even tried installing a new font from an English website and it converted the numbers to Arabic. The default dictionary was also in Arabic when we restarted the program.

Recently changed my Indesign from Greek to English however numbers remain in Greek! Can anyone help here please???? This is fantastic! Worked on CS5 on my Mac. Thanks for the article, David : I followed your instructions and went from a Norwegian UI to the english version. One problem though, I am not able to backspace?? Any ideas what the might be? Hi, I did this hack to change my indesign CC from finnish also my osx language to english.

Richard: Interesting! I would have expected that if you changed your Shortcut Sets setting, that the shortcuts would continue to work. Using CS6 german, switched to french. Does anyone have the same problem? I had also a french test version installed on my computer, maybe it is because of that. I tried to switch the german ID to English US, but after I renamed the workspace folder, it still showed no menus and panel and — most annoyingly — asked me to enter the serial again.

I switched back to German and ID started as usual, not asking for serial anymore already registered since long. Exactly the same happened to me when switching from german to French. But I would like to specify also the hack worked from august to september, and all of a sudden … crack!

My company is anyway not ready for switching to CC, this monthly redevance concept is hardly aceptable for german people! Almost correct. WOW, works like a charm!!!! So My husband downloaded a chinese version, which i could install and register with my account, without CC, but the chinese had to go …. How can i fix this? Hey guys, here is how i tried to archive German shortcuts and English menus.

The shortcuts should be German and the menus should be in English. All over the web I could not find a way to change the language in this software. Thanks a lot, you have solved many problems! Appreciate the tip, but when I try to do this I revoke my license and am told that the license I have is only valid for German versions of the software :. I wonder if it is only in the non-US versions? However, please read the first 5 or 6 comments at the top of this list after the article for another method of installing a new version of the software with a different language!

Hey David, thanks for replying so quickly! Was worth a try though. I still downloading CC due to my somewhat slow connection. It really works! I have an english version, but I speak spanish. I found a lot of alternatives on the internet, but no one works. This was simple and fast.

You help me a lot. Thank you!!!! I am not sure if everything is alright, but it seems to have done what I wanted it to! Just uninstalled the software, changed CC language in the preferences click on the cogwheel to reach that, then on the Apps tab find App language , and install again. I just figured, I no longer have short keys :S what can I do??? Do you know how to fix it? Well it worked except for one glitch — any menu eg document setup that is opened, would not appear with close or minimise buttons, and also could not be put in the background let alone be closed.

Hi thanks for the info! But all my shortcuts are gone after doing this. Do you know how to fix this? Hi, Dave.

Thanks a lot. Very useful tips. For those of you who have lost the original shortcuts after changing the Indesign language, try this:. Thanks for the tips, and those in the comments. Open Indesign and it should be running with Chinese functions such as composite fonts, Mojikumi settings, functioning workspace, shortcuts and all with English UI!

Hi Dave, Thanks for the tips, and those in the comments. But there is one Problem. The moment I startet Indesign there is the error message that my trial version ends soon altough I bougt a regular Version with correct serial number by an adobe seller. Can anybody help me? You download the Adobe Creative Cloud App, in that app you change language preference to your local language, you then uninstall and reinstall your Applications, and the language UI will be changed.

Hi I did it aswell. Once I change back to original language I have my full version back. Do you know the reason for that? Thanks for an answer. Just used this tip to solve a problem on the Adobe Forums — had to see what a Swedish user saw on their screen, so used this tip to change my UI to Swedish to confirm their bug. Thank you, it was very helpful. I needed to change the language from my native language to English.

Worked well! Thanks Dave, your tip was very handful. I solve the problem with workspace names, changed the file name of each workspace. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Advanced Search. Forgot Password? Join today. Not a member? How-tos, tips and tricks and more.

Rich file formats support. The latest InDesign versions offer the Publish Online tool that is meant for publishing the final documents on various web resources.

Text frame fitting. Designers often have a hard time dealing with the text frame options. To facilitate this process, the program provides flexible width column options.

This feature enables users to effortlessly manage the number and width of columns by modifying the size of the text frame. As soon as you achieve the set numbers, the columns will be added automatically. If the file has accomplished the maximum column width, the column will be eliminated.


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