The following are the mission of Association for Computing Machinery Baltimore Chapter -


  1. Promoting a platform for knowledge sharing and information exchange for advancement of research in advanced computing.
  2. Providing a means of presenting findings of researchers, professionals and students in a global community.
  3. Providing a means of exchange of information between researchers and academicians having an interest in computing.
  4. Providing a means of exchange of information with other professional groups and scientific communities.
  5. Providing researchers the scope of advancement in research and studies using the resources of the Applied Physics Lab of JHU.
  6. Access to world class seminars, webinars and networking events.

The ACM E-Learning collections offer complimentary access to a member, of the ACM Baltimore chapter, to more than 55,000 online books and videos. The ACM Tech Talk series enables a member to learn from leading computing researchers and accomplished technical speakers remotely. Members of the ACM Baltimore chapter will also enjoy exclusive offers and discounts on various IT industry certifications and vendor-specific training.

Key contributors of ACM develops contents (videos, e-books, tutorials, keynotes, technical talks, etc.) for research, guidance and professional development in the field of advanced computing.

The ACM Academic Department Membership enables academic institutes to provide ACM Professional Membership to their faculty at a nominal cost. Through this program, each faculty member receives all the benefits of individual professional ACM membership.

The John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) has been solving critical challenges in systems engineering and integration and has been contributing extensively in technologically advanced scientific areas. Their researchers serve as trusted advisors and

technical experts to the Federal government. They participate in safeguarding national security, advancement of space research and many more. JHU APL has ongoing research and development programs in the field of emerging technologies.

JHU APL joining hands with Association for Computing Machinery will enrich the scientific community and lead to advancement of research in computing world-wide.

ACM Baltimore Chapter 7th Seminar
Wednesday, Apr 17th, 2024 @ 05:15 PM

Seminar on Advancements in Chest X-ray Analysis: Deep Learning Models Addressing Domain Generalization and Anatomy-aware Learning