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For example the SAS are very adept at everything; each soldier is familiar with most weapons and can patch up a wounded colleague. Setting the game behind enemy lines makes a lot of sense, especially since the actual ground war in the desert only lasted a couple of days.

By the time the tanks rolled across the Saudi border, the job of the special forces was all but done. For them the conflict lasted for weeks rather than hours and was rather more taxing than taking thousands of prisoners. Plus, we have classic Scud hunting missions, and wetop it all off with a deep insertion into Iraq to take out a high-ranking Iraqi general in his heavily guarded fortress. You can tell the other men to follow you, go to any position you can see in the game world, get them to crouch, crawl, fire at will or set up ambushes.

Once the front guys are in position, the heavy weapons and sniper guy can be quickly called up or moved into new positions using the order system. Moreover there are mines, grenades, mounted machine guns, Stinger missiles and the option to call in artillery or air strikes.

While the version of the game we played had very impressive team Al, that of the enemy was rather static. They throw grenades, run from yours and even try to outflank you, but finding cover seems something of a problem. Of course we have a few months to go until release, by which time we will have played the multiplayer side of things you can join up as Russian Spetsnaz or Iraqi Republican Guard. Maybe Pivotal will even sneak in a Sadam Vs Bush minigame.

Controversial certainly, but it would be fun. While there is a place for a game like Desert Storm, its biggest problem is its release so soon after the Ghost Recon add-on Desert Siege.

Despite being set in near-future East Africa, Desert Siege is a fantastic expansion to a great game. Desert Storm itself shares many similarities with Ghost Recon’ the four-man squad, the environment and the realtime tactics. Leaving aside Ghost Recon, there are many other realistic shooters out there or on the way -Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Raven Shield are two that spring to mind -prompting us to fear that Desert Storm may be a game too far.

This makes it play very differently from other FPSs. Each Campaign features from six to eight mission objectives. Your tasks include protecting President Clinton who makes an on-screen appearance , rescuing hostages, destroying drug fields, blasting a fleet of nuclear subs, recovering nuclear devices, and much more.

You can move the chopper degrees around the screen and you have to in order to complete your mission objectives. The excellent game controls are finely tuned, so if your Genesis controller’s directional pad is worn out as they often are , consider a replacement before hopping into the pilot’s seat. The game adds some nifty variety to the action.

You must drive a hovercraft, ride a motorcycle, and pilot a Stealth Fighter. EA did a great job of programming each vehicle with its own set of mechanics. Consequently, you must develop different strategies and tactics for each craft. The challenge in this game hits the top end. The bad guys are armed with the best high-tech weapons drug money can buy!

The game doesn’t cut you any slack either. Unlike the weapons in Desert Strike, enemy guns and rocket launchers in this game track you as they fire. Mobile weapons move in on you whenever you’re in the neighborhood, and Desert Strike’s irritating teeny tiny snipers are back for an encore performance.

Your weapons do the job, if you can keep them loaded. You take out the evil-doers with Hydra rockets, Hellfire missiles, and a nasty chain gun. However, it takes more than a keen eye and a fast trigger finger to survive. Success also depends on your flying skills.

You must be able to precisely position your helicopter to pick up hostages and vital supplies, such as fuel and ammo. A competent crew of copilots is on hand to help you. The best partners if you can find them enable you to fire your chain gun as fast as any turbo-boosted controller. The informative and easy- to-use Map Screen is the Jungle Striker’s best friend. It keeps a running tab on completed objectives and monitors fuel and ammo.

Of course, the Map itself is vital, since it displays the locations of friends, foes, and resources. The graphics in this game are a knockout. The opening story sequences, which feature outta-sight digitized pix with slick animation, are the best anywhere.

The experimental Comanche RAH looks mean. In fact, EA did some serious homework to replicate this real-life prototype, even though it’s still on the drawing board! Of course, what makes this game is the vehicle response. Desert Strike vets will go ballistic when they experience Jungle Strike’s refined helicopter movement. The otherworldly Stealth flies low and slow, but unlike the helicopter it climbs and dives. The motorcycle is super small, but it’s to scale with the rest of the game.

The graphics are further enhanced by some nifty refinements. For example, one Campaign takes place in total darkness, and you must use weapon fire to light up the ground. The effect is imaginative and cool, and it’s a key tactic, too.

The minor nick in Jungle Strike’s blades is the sound. What’s there is solid and crisp. The opening theme kicks big time. The weapon blasts and the whop whop of the propellers sound real. Overall, though, the audio just doesn’t stand out as dramatically as the game’s other features. Jungle Strike is as good a helicopter combat game as there is for any system. For Desert Strike vets this is a no-brainer. Anyone into whirlybird war ought to rumble with Jungle. Control problems make the going rough.

In the hovercraft, you hit nonexistent fuel barrels that damage you but don’t refuel ; in the helicopter, you smash into obstacles whether or not you clear them. Jungle Strike’s graphics are impressive. You get all the cinematics from the bit version, plus detail in even the smallest images. The sound, however, is not impressive. As you can imagine, Desert Strike is heavily influenced by the Gulf War. In the game, there is a new war in the Middle East, declared from a mad dictator on the U.

You have to control an Apache helicopter during four long missions, trying to rescue hostages and destroy enemy bases and weapons. The designer, Mike Posehn, puts a lot of attention to the movement of the helicopter. The game uses an isometric view, but realistic 3D models were used to create the sprites of the vehicle. The physics of the movement is also very elaborate, with a dynamic camera system that travels on an elliptic curve to improve the field of view. Posehn worked several months on the movement of the screen to make it perfect.

Unfortunately, Desert Strike just doesn’t cut it on the small screen, despite pretty-good graphics. The effect just isn’t there. Return to the Gulf to take care of the enemy forces standing in the way of freedom. You must control the Super Apache attack chopper behind enemy lines, and use your weaponry to neutralize the tyrannical and nuclear threat. Visually, this game is just like the Genesis version, with very little lost. All the missions are here. By using the password, you can continue where you left off at any time.

If you like strategic war action, check out this game. Desert Strike is a good game in itself. But when played on the small screen, it loses some of its effect. Your bullets are almost invisible, and telling exactly what the enemies are is pretty difficult. It controls well, and the animation of the helicopter is good. Another down side is the lack of on-screen colors. They were too dark for me. At least it is something new, and Atari is on the right track with this popular title.

I must say that I was really looking forward to this one. Unfortunately, my hopes were let down. Although the Lynx screen is large, everything was so small it’s hard to tell what you’re shooting at. Going in a dark room helps, though. The controls needed tightening-up as it was too easy to fight the chopper instead of maneuvering it.

The missions had variety to them and that adds up to some good fun. I just couldn’t get into this game. I found the controls awkward and hard to get used to. The graphics were unimpressive and to top it off, your assault on the enemy is hindered because it was very difficult to see your shots. I will say that the helicopter animation is very smooth and the sound is OK if you can handle portable sound. The many missions are nice, prolonging its play value.

Otherwise, this just isn’t my thing. This game is just too hard to see and play on the smaller screens. As a Bit version there wastons of game play and strategy but it loses its impact on the small screen. However, the animation and graphics are good enough to get by. The best point is that there are lots of missions to keep you busy as a portable game. It will take some time to get used to the controls but fans of the helicopter game can get into it.

This game becomes tougher after a mission or two; therefore, some extra lives might come in handy. Thus, to add two lives to your current three, enter the following code on the password screen:. This will add two lives to the ones you already have for a total of five lives!

Then, you can start the game, or put in your own level code to start on higher levels. It’s not over ’til it’s over! Just when you thought peace reigned over the middle east, U. Forces are needed to return to the Gulf in another Desert Strike! Command a military attack chopper as you raid enemy fortifications, rescue your spies and destroy enemy supplies!

Your main concerns are the anti-aircraft installments and your fuel supply. You may have to return to refuel many times before you finish a mission. I really like the look of this new combat action game a lot. The overall perspective allows the cart to show off a new dimension of depth you don’t find in similar carts.

Desert Strike combines the thrill of rescuing hostages on missions that everybody can relate to. The missions aren’t easy to complete but with practice they aren’t impossible either. Good graphics set in a perspective that is not often seen in a video game. A bit too slow for me but still has a timely plot that keeps you going.

Desert Strike is an original idea for a shooter. I like to rescue the hostages and the different missions are good but there isn’t anything to rave about. The graphics are good and the sounds are cool.

An above average cart that breaks the shooter-mold. It had to happen. Just when every started to forget about the war in the Gult, someone had to go ahead and capitalize on it.

It is a great shooter with realistic game play and controls, sparkling graphics and crisp sounds. Had it been named Chopper Strike or something else, it would be cool. Let’s not get cocky about war. You fly a U. Army Apache helicopter gun-ship. A bearded, Middle Eastern “madman” has invaded a neighboring country. Your commander is rotund and wears camouflage fatigues.

Fail, and you suffer the mother of all defeats. Succeed, and you get to low five the Prez. Get the picture? You will, even if you had your head buried in the sand during Operation Desert Storm. The graphics here are gorgeous.

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